The Tears Of Christ

March 26th, 2013

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John 11:28-37

When Jesus arrives at Bethany, he finds Lazarus had already died. Everyone is saddened, but there seems to also be a sense of resentment. Why didn’t Jesus come earlier? Twice the statement, “if you had been here,” was spoken.

If only. That seems to be a common expression during the storms of life. “If only.” Jesus acknowledges the sister’s grief and then moves beyond: giving life to the dead. “‘Where have you laid him?’ he asked. ‘Come and see, Lord’” (v. 34). And what does Jesus see? He sees the one who he himself had given life to, now taken away through death. And he weeps.

Then a remarkable thing happens. The crowd began to talk among themselves. Somehow they were close enough to see the tears of Christ and commented, “See how he loved him!” (v. 36b). Jesus knows that he will soon raise Lazarus from the dead. So what do these tears tell us? Certainly it lets us see his human love for Lazarus, but it also reveals that Christ understands his calling: the defeat of the last enemy, death itself!

Author: Tom Cook


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