Incredible Calm

March 25th, 2013

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John 11:17-27

Even though they die, they will live. Incredible claim. Incredible words. Jesus was at the home of some of his best friends: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. An illness had taken Lazarus. Now the grieving sisters seemed lost. They had even somehow tried to blame Jesus’ delay for their brother’s death.

Death has a way of causing us to go “off center” at times. We think and say things that we would not normally say. Even when Jesus gave assurance that her brother would rise again, Martha misunderstood and said that he will “rise again in the resurrection at the last day” (v. 24). In other words, someday my brother will defeat death but not today.

But Christ does not fear death. He makes this remarkable claim that if anyone believes in him, they will never die. Incredible. Can you imagine the look in the eyes of Martha as Jesus responds to her by saying that he is the resurrection and the life? Not something in the future, he is the resurrection of life–today!

Author: Tom Cook



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