Three Times

March 22nd, 2013

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Psalm 80:1-19

Have you watched the news today? Really, they should retitle it, The Bad Goings-on in Your Area. The more I watch, the more I see humanity’s degradation and need for a savior. Evil is lurking around every corner. If I didn’t watch the news, I would largely be living in a Christian bubble having no idea what really goes on around me. It’s good to be informed because, like the psalmist, we, too, can have a passionate prayer to God for restoration of the world to salvation.

Three times in Psalm 80, the writer takes his request before God. Each time the title given to God rises. First, he addresses him as “God” (v. 3). Next he is becoming more passionate in his plea saying, “God Almighty” (v. 7). But in the final cry for help, he calls to the “LORD God Almighty” (v. 19). He reached a place of desperation, realizing God was their only hope. As we approach God for the salvation of our own people, we need to pray earnestly and expect him to answer. He is our only hope.

Author: Sonya Lee Thompson

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