Rocking World, Rock-Solid Peace

February 23rd, 2013

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2 Corinthians 12:11-21

Second Corinthians, chapter 12 tugs at my heart. These verses remind me of a father who mirrors God, yet his child acts like the prodigal in Jesus’ parable. They bring to mind a friend who mirrors Jesus, yet his friends act like the disciples on the night of Jesus’ arrest. They picture for me one like Jesus on trial, innocent, falsely accused, wrongly condemned.

Yet my ache is eased, because these verses also tell of one who will be Jesus’ own. One who will be Jesus’ apostle, missionary, disciple, and servant, no matter what may come. One who strives to be a father like God and a friend like Jesus, no matter what.

Second Corinthians, chapter 12 also recall for me Jesus asleep in a boat about to sink in a storm. Both Jesus and Paul have peace and are at peace, they have rest and can rest because their faith, trust, hope, and confidence are in God and God alone.

May we be like them in our lives, discipleship, servanthood, and relationships.

Author: Linda Gifford


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