Instruments of Comfort

January 14th, 2013

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2 Corinthians 1:1-11

The January air was bitterly cold. Mountains of snow had been formed on either side of our path. Our unusual trek took us off the nonnegotiable main road, through the farm pasture, then back across the icy trail to the quiet cemetery. We were traveling to the burial plot of my wife’s mother. Standing, shivering, huddled together, we paid our last respects to our beloved parent and friend. Little did we know, at that time, the influence that experience would make on one of our students.

Time passed. One day, tragedy crashed in on our young friend. Her father was tragically killed in an accident. During the weeks of her grief, she sought out my wife, “I want to talk to you as I know you will understand what I am going through.” Together, they were able to connect. My wife was able to support and to comfort our friend’s hurting heart.

Second Corinthians 1:3-4 helps us understand why we have to go through troubles. Through the comfort God gives us, we can, in turn, comfort others. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to love through us.

Author: Jeannette Carroll

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One Response to “Instruments of Comfort”

  1. Barbara Says:

    January 14th, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    “Through the comfort God gives us, we can, in turn, comfort others.”

    When we find comfort in certain scriptures in the Bible we can, in turn, show others to comfort them. Plus, depending on the reasons for someone’s turmoil, we may have had the same difficulties in life. If so, we’re able to comfort them because we’ve already been there, done that and have gone through it with God’s help.

    We confirm their feelings of inadequacy with our own and give testimony regarding how God helped us through the situation. Furthermore, there may have been some little coincidence that we felt was from God; and, thus, we’re able to comfort someone with our words of how the Holy Spirit help us.

    Living in the flesh carries doubt, but living in the Spirit carries confirmation of God.

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