January 8th, 2013

Matthew 18:1-14RG AUDIO 010813

Why are we always so worried about position and power? Even the disciples struggled with this and Jesus teaches them very clearly that his kingdom is not about honor but humility.

Children were considered only slightly better than slaves in the social context of Jesus’ day. Yes, they were enjoyed and loved by their parents, but they held no social position or power. When Jesus uses them as an example of the attitude of kingdom citizens, he emphasizes their worth and their witness. His disciples must be as humble as children and they must never underestimate or devalue the “little ones.”

To treat children with contempt or to harm them brings God’s wrath. His judgment is severe for they are precious to the Father. The example of the millstone (huge and incredibly heavy) around the neck emphasizes the seriousness of the issue for Jesus.

We are the children of God, no matter our age. We are precious to him and we must never devalue or harm one another. Neither should we elevate ourselves above others.

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One Response to “Children—Priceless!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    January 8th, 2013 at 4:38 am

    “Why are we always so worried about position and power?”

    Many perceive that the greater the position, the greater the power, money, and glory. However, some perceive there is a less likelihood of personal abuse (only to find out that they’ve become a “slave” to the position — if the power to delegate isn’t included). Power insures our ability to choose our own destiny in this world.

    The reason that many systems have checks and balances in place is the fact that power corrupts. It causes a stronghold above God whereas the desires of the flesh gain control (edging out the Will of God). Humility allows the wants of the flesh to decrease in order that the Holy Spirit in us can increase.

    Children are in a very vulnerable situation. Their parents have absolute power over them. Therefore, they are at the mercy of their parents (not much difference than our relationship with God).

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