Good As Gold

October 9th, 2012

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Job 23:8-17

Job has endured the criticism of his friends which must have been difficult, because Job knows that he hasn’t sinned. Job has responded to the ongoing commentary against him. Many of his words were harsh. Nevertheless, whether or not we agree with many of Job’s comments, shouldn’t we have a certain amount of admiration at the consistency and perseverance of Job through this difficult time? Job has been on the defensive as he’s reacted to losing his possessions, his family, and his health. What certainly is admirable, is Job’s continued seeking after God (vv. 8-9).

I hope we will never be tested as severely as Job; however, all Christians will be tested. When your faith is tested, how will you respond? Will you continue to seek God? Will you remain faithful to God in spite of what is going on around you?

If your faith is deeply founded in your relationship with God, you will be able to say with Job: He knows exactly where I am and after he is done testing me, I will be as pure as gold.


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