Our Dilemma, God’s Answer

July 23rd, 2012

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1 Samuel 27:8—28:3

Ethical dilemmas often arise during times of strife. Our God-given will comes in to play when we react to such conflicts. Heavy questions arise: A little lie won’t hurt, will it? My family or friends are in harm’s way so wouldn’t it be all right to do?

Saul made a hundred small steps of disobedience that drove him into a murderous fervor toward his perceived opponent David. David’s actions included deception and murderous raids on Israel’s enemies. For those of us who have the benefit of Jesus’ teaching such actions seem inexcusable. In the light of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua, however, his actions find context: through David God was bringing judgment on their sworn enemies.  Both men were in dangerous territory—with one distinctive difference. David was learning the ways of God and Saul was turning away from God.

Psalm 17 shows a deeper understanding of God’s character: God saves those who do the right thing.

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