Long Live The King

July 1st, 2012

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For almost 200 years Israel had desired a king. The choice was confirmed by casting lots. Even though Saul hid in a few moments of panic, God revealed where he was. Standing head and shoulders taller, they shouted out, “Long live the king.” Did they jump and shout like we do. You can’t keep all that energy from spilling out when you win.

When did you discover that when you choose to be on God’s team, it’s very possible to win? He will help you do whatever job he gives you. I don’t know of anything more exciting than helping the lost become found. Even when the load is too heavy to bear, discouragement comes to camp, or hope gets up and walks away, God is still working there.

The greatest thing to cheer about is that his grace found us. He gives and gives; still, his Word never grows stale or old like bread. It’s alive. I don’t know if I will limp across the finish line or be running full out, but I know there will be cheering on the other side.

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