Wait On The Lord

June 28th, 2012

RG AUDIO 0628121 Samuel 9:15-27

We never allowed our boxer dog, Mena, to be in the kitchen while we were eating. She was told to sit and stay just outside the doorway. She would watch and listen for the word “okay,” then she would come bounding in. Oh, that we all had the obedience of a dog.

The message in 1 Samuel 9 is simple: “Wait, stay here for a message from God.” We waited on the Lord to be filled with the Spirit. We waited for permission to get married, just like we waited about which church to pastor or which house to live in. We waited on the Lord for each baby born, and later we waited for money for a trip to Africa, and as our family grew choices were made. We waited when our girls were far from God, and we waited until their safe return. We waited as we watched our son’s family multiply and grow strong.

In God’s family we learn to do the same. We give, we go, we work, we sow, but first we learn to wait on the Lord.

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