Never Too Busy

June 9th, 2012

RG AUDIO 060912Psalm 105:16-36

Ask someone how they are doing and chances are they will respond by telling you how “busy” they are. Many people are running around, from one urgent crisis to another, never having time to get involved with and be present at the activities and events that are really important.

No doubt there were times when the Israelites wondered if God himself was too busy for them. When things went from bad to worse, it would have been easy to wonder if God was even present in their lives.

In Psalm 105 we’re that God is indeed involved in the lives of his people. It might have taken a while, but God did act in history according to his timetable. The people were never forgotten. Even if it seemed like nothing was happening, God was working behind the scenes then and he still is today.


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