The Fraternity of Joy

May 21st, 2012

John 16:17-24RG AUDIO 052112

Charles Swindoll entitled one of the devotionals in his book, Seasons of Life, “The Winsome Witness.” He suggested that the frowning fraternity of the sour first got started in the crowd of stuffed shirts called the Pharisees. They made life miserable for everyone around them with their cantankerous actions and rigid lifestyle. The Lord’s harshest words were reserved for them. Their pickle juice expressions probably sickened Jesus.

John 16:22b gives us insight into Jesus. He understood grief, concern, and worry, but in the middle of it all, he also wanted joy to trump the emotional downers. His 33 years of life and 3 years of public ministry reveal Jesus with an abundance of joy.

With the inner presence of Christ, we should be able to have a hearty laugh, a fun-filled life, total transparency, plain honesty, mixing in playful humor and amusement. Purposely plan to start today with a happy thought!


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