Remembering The Promise

May 17th, 2012

Matthew 28:16-20RG AUDIO 051712

I love coffee, but that has not always been true. My kids got me started drinking flavored coffee with lots of cream. I have been accused of drinking coffee in my cream! I will stop at most any coffee shop to get a cup. I believe the idea of relaxation appeals to me more than the taste. I take my laptop to work, watch people, and sip the coffee.

There is a local coffee shop that my wife and I visit occasionally. After only a couple of times the young man behind the counter saw us coming in. Before we could say anything he said, “One large coffee and a chai tea with skim milk and extra hot.” I was blown away by his memory.

The last words of Jesus were to drive into the memory of the disciples that they would not be left by themselves. They would not have to face the dangers, threats, or temptations of the world or Satan alone when their Lord went to heaven. No, Jesus would be with them and every believer throughout all ages! This is exciting news for today’s disciples!

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