Divine Therapy

May 12th, 2012

John 21:5-19RG AUDIO 051212

It is a very painful experience to allow our minds to travel back over time and remember an unpleasant event. It may be something we did to cause others pain or something dreadful that was done to us.

In John 21, Jesus lovingly asks his disciple, “Do you love me?” (v. 17). He asked the question not once, not twice, but three times. No doubt Peter’s mind raced back to that very moment when he denied Jesus three times when questioned by the maid servant and others gathered near the high priest’s house. In addition, the smoke from the charcoal fire on the beach was exactly the kind of fire that Peter had warmed himself by on the night of his denial. It was painful for Peter to be taken back to the “scene of the crime,” but it was a restorative move that helped to change his life.

Jesus often takes us back and walks us through the sins we have committed in order to break our denial and face the truth about ourselves. Just like the apostle Peter, we must face it in order to get over it.


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