Eternity In Our Hearts

May 9th, 2012

John 6:25-40RG AUDIO 050912

As a new Christian, I recall reading John 6 and thinking, “Okay, so now I have some assurances that I will have eternal life after I die, and my time on earth has expired.” “I will be part of the redeemed who will share in the resurrection of Christ.” In short, I had a futuristic concept of what eternity was all about. Later I began to understand that eternity has already begun and we are living in it right now. The old-timers used to say it this way, “Jesus gives us a bit of heaven to go to heaven in.”

After serving Christ these years, I can truly say that I am not sorry that I knelt at an altar as a young man and asked Jesus into my heart. That pivotal moment changed everything. I started to enjoy life in a way I never knew before. It was an “eternity” moment for me. So now I get to enjoy all of this here . . . and hereafter too! How about you?

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