Milk & Honey w/o Cheerios

March 5th, 2012

RG AUDIO 030512Mark 9:2-13

Sometimes it seems we cannot quite get to the land of milk and honey that “Promised Land” God has placed on our hearts. Whether our goal is a new business venture, a new ministry to launch at church, a nudge to join the armed forces and fight for our country’s freedom—whatever that “something” is that we feel within our soul, that thing God has placed on our heart to do. Yet, we cannot seem to get there. We can’t reach the goal. We feel God has directed our steps to this point, but suddenly doors stop opening. We question if we have heard God right.

Perhaps God is saying “Not yet. I have shown you the way, I led you to this point—but the time has not yet arrived.” If this is you, please hold on. Take this time to prepare, believe, be still and continue to seek God’s guidance. God will show you when the timing is right and you can walk into the Promised Land he so eagerly wants for you. His timing; his purpose. He will provide.


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