God’s Amazing Grace

February 19th, 2012

RG AUDIO 021912Psalm 106:34-48

Psalm 105 emphasized the importance of God’s grace. Psalm 106 illustrates the evidence of the endurance of God’s grace. The Israelites clearly portray how one sin leads to many and ultimately God’s judgment.

God commanded the people to destroy the nation of Canaan, but they committed the sin of omission and neglected to obey. Compromise leads to contamination. They sacrificed innocent blood and lost the generation.

Once more, they were the recipients of God’s anger and punishment. He allowed other nations to have power over them, and they suffered oppression at their enemies’ hands. However, God extended grace to them for two reasons. Their afflictions and cry for mercy moved him to compassion, and he remembered his covenant to be their God.

God’s grace and love for his people offers mercy instead of justice. God’s long-suffering responds to rebellious sinners.

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