The Master Key

February 14th, 2012

RG AUDIO 021412Psalm 105:16-36

Sellers and purchasers met to complete the sale. Title, instructions, and two keys passed to new owners. One key turned on the ignition. The other key unlocked the motor home door. However, there was one problem. There were two different locks on the door with a key for only one. Several days after the sale, the new owner inadvertently locked the one without a key. An open window became a temporary entrance that day. Later, someone offered a master key as a permanent solution.

God, as the “Master Key,” was the only way deliverance for the children of Israel was possible. Moses and Aaron played important roles in the deliverance, but God alone delivered.

God is the deliverer from spiritual bondage. God’s Word, godly pastors and counselors, inspirational books, and supportive friends are instruments in God’s hand. Ultimately, the “Master Key” must fit the lock to open the heart to glorious freedom.

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