When You Are Under Attack

December 31st, 2011

RG AUDIO 123111Psalm 11

We stand on the edge of the New Year bursting with the promise of new demonstrations of God’s protection and grace. However, where God’s promises abound, there is an enemy lurking to sabotage. It is easy to get our eyes off God’s promise in the face of an enemy. When a soldier knows that an enemy is on the way, he doesn’t just hang his head and wring his hands and wait to be attacked. He prepares.

As children of God we are the upright in heart and sometimes that does make us walking targets. But it also puts us in the best place for protection. It’s like the picture I once saw of the bear cub raising its arms to fend off the mountain lion and feeling very strong and mighty when the mountain lion retreated. But it wasn’t the cub’s waving arms and shrill growl that scared off the enemy. It was the cub’s father towering above in an intimidating display of power. In the same way, our father waits to protect us.

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