God Sees

December 30th, 2011

RG AUDIO 123011Psalm 10:12-18

God is an all-seeing God. The unrepentant do not consider God’s omniscience a threat. Bad call. God sees. No one hides from him. No action or motive is beyond his clear vision. He uses what he sees to prepare what we need. He will never act too quickly or too late. Too often we mistakenly believe that God isn’t doing anything about our trouble because we don’t see it. What we believe or don’t believe about God doesn’t change who he is, but it does weaken our ability to recognize him and what he does.

God sees. This truth is our salvation and best hope. Though the world spirals downward and the righteous become easy victims, we can reconsider the unfailing character of God and recommit our present circumstances to the God who always sees. Don’t just depend on what you see because God always sees more.


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