Taking The Long View

December 4th, 2011

RG AUDIO 120411Isaiah 52

Tradition says that Isaiah died a torturous death at the hands of a wicked king. The nation of Judah was dying as well, soon the Babylonians would arrive to sweep up those who remained and carry them into exile. Nevertheless, Isaiah’s prophecy ends on a note of glorious victory. A Servant would come who would take up the infirmities, carry the sorrows, and bear the sins of many (Isa. 53). Christians understand that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of that hope.

Even today many believers are tempted to look at the things which are and become discouraged, rather than look for the things which will be and find hope. Isaiah challenges us to shake off our dust of despair, free ourselves from the chains that choke our courage and proclaim “Your God reigns!” In Christ, even now, the ends of the earth are seeing the salvation of God.

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