The Thanksgiving Habit

November 21st, 2011

RG AUDIO 1121Psalm 108

Did you ever wonder why God demands our thanksgiving and praise? Why should such a great, loving, self-sufficient Being want so much for us to praise him? We are tiny, passing, ignorant creatures. What difference does it make if we praise him?

When we praise God and thank him sincerely, from our hearts, we recognize him for who he is. We see ourselves for who we are. Our relationship with him is put right again. Life itself is put right. Praise and thanksgiving are important not only for individuals but for families, churches, societies, and nations. To the extent that we sincerely thank, praise, and worship God, our relationship with him is restored. God is God, and we are his people.

We still get distracted, however. We forget. Our fears and desires lead us to focus in other directions. How can we correct that? Form this simple habit. Every time the Lord blesses you, even in some small way, immediately thank him. Every time you grow concerned about anything, immediately bring it to him.

Thanking God and trusting him will help make a right relationship with God a moment-by-moment reality.


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