God Values All People

October 23rd, 2011

RG1023111 Thessalonians 3

Paul expresses with regret his inability to return to Thessalonica (Acts 17:2) but also his deep love for the church there.

The goal of the church is not to create isolated gatherings of people who simply love each other; the goal is to be people who are owned by God, who are gripped by God’s desire to include all kinds of people in his church.

In his book, Living with Fire,* Sidney Martin reminisced about visiting a neighboring Church of Scotland in Glasgow, to hear the great orator, Dr. J. G. Gossip. In his sermon that evening Dr. Gossip graphically imagined the triumphant entry of the people of God into heaven on the last day. He described the procession of people from every age in history, every language and every race walking joyously past the angels who lined the streets. In hushed voices the bewildered angels said to one another, “How like the Master they all are!”


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