Cry Mercy

October 6th, 2011


Exodus 32:1-14

My two rowdy children were standing nose to nose, feet rigid on the carpet, hands clasped together, trying to force each other down. Finally my youngest bent to his knees, yelling, “Mercy!”

“What on earth are you doing?” I queried.

The oldest, who was also the victor, smiled. “We’re playing mercy. One of us has to cry for mercy before we let him go.”

Perhaps some people play a similar game with God. They rebel against his commands as the Israelites did, then stand rigid, hoping he will back down. When they find themselves overpowered, they plead for mercy.

The children of Israel underestimated their importance to God and his plan for worldwide salvation.

God never plays at mercy. He takes no delight in seeing his children bent down by the burden of their own disobedience. He does not dare them to beg for help. He offers mercy regardless of the sins we have committed.

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