Perfect Purpose

June 17th, 2011

RG AUDIO 061711

Matthew 5:31-48

After the fiercely contested elections, Kenya was on the brink of civil war. As Rodney and his family watched ethnic groups pitted against each other their hopes for a quick return to peace seemed distant. This was happening in a country where around 80 percent of the population claim to be Christian! Kenya’s post-election violence revealed just how imperfect the church was!

However, it is important to understand what Jesus meant by “perfect.” Perfection is about accomplishing the purpose for which we were created.

As the post-election violence transitioned into uneasy tension, public universities chose not to start classes for fear of ethic clashes on their campuses. But at a small Christian university, classes began on schedule. Students, faculty and staff gathered together to pray that they would be an example to Kenya of what an inter-ethnic community of love and acceptance could be like. During those difficult days, this university was “perfect.”


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