God’s Word Endures

April 16th, 2011


Luke 21:25-38

One of the great joys of Frank’s life was an eight year period of working with the people in Mozambique. God opened a door for involvement in construction of a seminary, running youth camps, and offering compassionate care. “You always get far more than you give,” says Frank. He came to love the people, and, along the way, he learned their stories of war, drought, disease, and poverty. Over a million people lost their lives and more their homes. Your heart breaks, but the stories don’t end in despair. During dark and difficult times, the good news of Jesus was shared, people were saved, and the church grew. Today the work of Christ is expanding rapidly.

Be encouraged by a powerful truth buried in the middle of Luke 21: “My words will never pass away.” Much of our world is suffering. It calls us to pray and to act, but we do it in the confidence that the living and written Word of our God endures and spreads.

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