April 10th, 2011


Isaiah 57:14-21

Homecoming is a special time set by high schools and colleges to invite people to come back. It’s an opportunity to meet with people you haven’t seen in a long time to catch up on life and share memories.
Homecoming is a key theme of the prophets. God has special plans to bring his people out of captivity and back home. Home is centered on both a place and a person.

Isaiah tells us about the day when a road will be built and the obstacles cleared away. People will return to their homeland.

Then we hear powerful words of the God of home who takes the journey with us. He is the lifted up One who lives in high and holy places. He is the bent down One who is with the lowly and contrite. We need both pictures–a God above and beyond us, a God with and for us.

The results of our journey with him are powerful. The wicked are like the churning sea that stirs up mire and mud, but the “homecoming folks” experience peace and healing.


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