The Look Of Prayer

April 6th, 2011


Luke 18:9-17

Two men went to church to pray. What they looked at made all the difference in their praying and their living.
The first “looked down” on everyone. Wanting to stand tall in God’s sight, he lowered others. He even named a few. He invites God to “look” at his track record, reciting his good deeds.

In the shadows stood another man. He wouldn’t even “look up.” His gaze was not on heaven above or on people nearby. He was looking at his heart. He saw his sin and invited God’s mercy. Jesus tells us only one man, this man, went home right with God.

In praying, we need to pay attention to our “look.” Eugene Peterson reminds us, “Hypocrisy is a unique sin in that it does not begin in temptation to do wrong; . . . hypocrisy originates in a place of prayer and with people who pray.”

In prayer and life may we see others and ourselves as Christ does.


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