A Solo of Praise

April 4th, 2011


Luke 17:11-19

Jesus came upon a group of men brought together by a calamity–leprosy. Keeping their distance, they became a choir voicing loudly their need for mercy.

Jesus usually drew near to those who called out for help, but on this occasion, he sent them away. It was not the usual dismissal lepers got; rather, it was an opportunity laced with hope. “Go show” were his words. The priests were their destination. Only a priest could declare a leper clean. In their going, they became whole.
Imagine their racing thoughts as they saw the transformation on their bodies. The temptation would have been to run home, but they probably continued on to the priest for an official verification they were clean.

Still, one broke rank. He couldn’t go on; he had to go back. The distance is gone as he falls at Jesus’ feet.
Before you go on with this day, turn back and offer praise to the One who works in your life.

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