The Commanding Christ

March 31st, 2011


Luke 9:46-62

Jesus had a mandate, and his call to total commitment was clear. For us, the demand of discipleship is high, and the commanding Christ requires our all. Three different men volunteered to join Jesus, but their intentions were less than complete dedication, so Christ rejected them.

The first man said all the right words, but Jesus knew he had no idea what he was really saying. Christ was on his way to a cross, and this man wasn’t even ready to give up his conveniences.

The second man truly wanted to be a genuine follower of Jesus, but not just then. His intention was not meant to be procrastination, but simply fitting Jesus into his schedule.

The third man was full of excitement and willing to follow Christ, but Jesus knew his youthful enthusiasm would not last. He would always second guess if he made the right choice.

Follow Jesus with all that you are.

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