The Day

March 11th, 2011


Mark 1:14-28

For my 40th birthday, my wife planned an exquisite surprise. For weeks, she hinted and gushed about this most wonderful present. She could hardly wait for the day to arrive. The day finally came. I was ushered into the driveway, where I saw a new, red Mustang convertible, rented for the day. In the back seat were two of our best friends, wearing cool shades, and the Beach Boys were blaring on the radio. We drove to our favorite places, and ate great food together. We were alive in the joy of the day.

Friends, the day has come. The gift of God has been given. Our involvement begins in our response to the kingdom message. All I had to do that day was get in the car and go along. For joining the kingdom journey, repentance is required. That simply means to turn squarely toward the gift of life, and forsaking all other ways, get in and go.

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