Jesus And I Are A Majority

February 27th, 2011


Romans 8:18-34

Haroldo Neves is a Christian physician who serves in some of the poor areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He grew up in poverty, but thanks to the ministry of his pastor, he was able to go to medical school and break the cycle of poverty. Now he leads some of the most effective ministries to children and women through a large, Christian medical system.

He had great dreams, but he also knew that he faced great challenges. The ministry was situated in an area surrounded by crime, spiritual darkness, and poverty. Nevertheless, he was dreaming big. He dreamed of dozens of clinics, of large churches being planted through these clinics, of thousands of children being rescued from the streets, of a new neighborhood, a new city, a new country.

“Jesus and I are a majority,” he said. “Together, we can do all things through his power and guidance.”

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