Bring On The Praise

January 23rd, 2011


Romans 15:7-13

Romans 15 challenges the church in Rome to accept others. Believers had been welcomed and adopted into the family of God. That attitude of acceptance and inclusiveness of others as part of God’s family is a true demonstration of praise.

That may come as a surprise to those who pigeonhole a segment of Sunday services called “praise and worship.” Often this usually means a segment devoted to songs of adoration intended to focus thoughts and hearts for what comes next. But shouldn’t all of life be praise and worship?

Praise is more than upbeat songs and happy faces. It is heart, mind, and will all in harmony with grace. We need to reexamine our spiritual priorities. We “love God and trust others.” That makes sense except that love of God needs to be a verb, an act rather than just a warm feeling. All too often people tend to disappoint and betray our trust. It would be better to “trust God and love others.”

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