“Who Gets Grandma’s China?”

January 20th, 2011


Acts 11:1-18

Death can bring out the best in families, or the worst. The heirs can be generous and considerate of each other’s needs and feelings, or they can fight over every item and dollar like hungry piranha. Nobody liked Grandma’s china when she was alive, but now that she is gone, it is valued beyond measure.

Historically, the Jews were heirs of the promises made to Abraham and his descendants. They saw themselves as the chosen and beloved of God. By comparison, Gentiles were not much good for anything. In their view, Gentiles were not part of God’s family and not heirs to anything. When Jesus came, he made all who received Him as Lord joint heirs of all God has to offer.

Paul calls this a mystery, not because it cannot be discovered but through faith it can be understood and accepted–Jews, Gentiles, slaves, free, rich, poor, male and female, everyone.

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