“Mom Always Liked You Best”

January 18th, 2011


Acts 10:24-48

Have you ever said this to your brother or sister? “Mom always liked you best.” No one likes being in second place.

Parents love their children, but in spite of their best efforts, they do not always love them in the same way. Resentments come when one sees another receiving favored status and preferential treatment. Sometimes we see other people getting breaks and choice opportunities while we lament that we receive less than what we feel is the best. It is equally true that we see those who have few of life’s rewards yet who are happy and content, especially in their relationship with the Lord.

None of what the world values as evidence of reward really matters to God. He accepts all into his kingdom and into loving relationship based purely on his grace. Our integrity, holiness, even the power to forgive are the outworkings of his presence in our lives. That is what pleases the Lord, not our performance.

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