Victim or Victor?

October 23rd, 2010


Genesis 42:22-38

Jacob’s cry resembles our own. When life hits us from all sides and we can’t find the hand of God in it, we are tempted to believe the entire universe is aimed at our destruction. We see ourselves as helpless victims. There is nothing we can do.

Jacob has forgotten that God never loses control of His universe. So, if God is for us, no force in the universe can complete its plan to destroy us. Jacob’s sons intended to deprive Jacob of Joseph. Their plan seemed complete, but God was about to undo it. The natural reality of starvation stared Jacob in the face, but God had provided for Jacob’s salvation years before. And He had done so through the pain of Joseph’s departure.

When pain comes and difficulty seems unavoidable, it is time for us to look to heaven and make up our minds what we believe. Are we allowing God to lead our lives? If He does, whatever we are experiencing is in His control. So, regardless of how much pain we will have to endure, He will bring us through to victory.

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