We Don’t Understand

October 18th, 2010


Genesis 41:1-13

We don’t have to understand what God is doing to believe He is protecting us. We are tempted to demand He show us exactly how He is going to deliver His blessing, but God often works in ways that seem hidden.

We don’t see the people He is positioning for our good–sometimes people we haven’t even met. We don’t know how He is using our past to prepare us for our future. We don’t understand. Still, faith causes us to trust in a God who delivers our salvation through those who appear to be aimed at our destruction. We choose to believe in a God who allows us to remain in captivity for a season, so that He can deliver freedom through our obedience.

In what areas is God asking you to trust His ability to provide? In what ways is He asking you to patiently listen for His guidance? You don’t have to understand what He is doing today to remain obedient. You have to understand that He knows the solution and is bringing it your way.

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