Are You Ready?

September 26th, 2010


2 Peter 3:3-13

Before the days of Internet communication, shortwave radio provided the best method of emergency communication to expatriates living abroad. During days of political unrest, one had to be vigilant in listening to the updated news reports. The call to evacuate could come at any moment. Life had to be lived with a heightened awareness that a radical change could be just around the corner.

Has living the Christian life become comfortable? Are we committed to our devotional routine, rather than to Jesus himself?

We are called to live lives of holiness and godliness. Living lives of holiness means that we tune into God himself on a daily basis. We are ready to respond to His call. A day is coming when everything that exists in this world will disappear. Everything that has provided us security will be gone. The only thing left will be our relationship to God.

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