The Peace of God for all Generations

September 24th, 2010


Genesis 8:6-14

The culmination of the day was to be a visit to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here on the Mount of Olives stood the aged gnarled and twisted olive trees providing shade in the long shadows of the afternoon sun. Imagination could easily make one believe these very trees had borne witness to the petitions of Jesus on that fateful night so long ago.

While the olive tree may have a long lifespan, it does not bear fruit quickly. It can take up to a generation before the first crop can be harvested. When a Middle Easterner plants an olive tree, it is not for their personal use, but for their children and grandchildren. Roots are being planted in fertile ground for the sustenance of the generations to come. God had such a long-sighted view of the future for Noah and his family when he sent the dove back with the olive branch. Yes, it was a sign of life, but it was a sign of a hope and future, for those who would come after them.

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