The Choice is Ours

August 29th, 2010


Life is full of choices, some more significant than others. What to buy, where to go, and when to leave or stay are only a few of the options we face every day. The gravity of the decision is greater when the consequence is unknown.

Many things are left undecided because the risk of failure outweighs the safety of doing nothing, especially when children or grandchildren may be affected. We may rely on others to advise some daily decisions; but when it comes to loving and serving God, the Spirit may woo us, but we must decide on our own. We must choose for ourselves.

God’s commands are not so unusual or difficult that we can’t know and obey them; but because our soul is marred and prone to sin, we find self-denial difficult. The choice is appealing as the admonition clearly shouts, “Now choose life.” It’s ours, both now and forever. What a deal! What a privilege! What a Jesus!

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