Jesus Walks With Us

June 21st, 2010


These days there seems to be so many crime scene investigation television shows. One of the common investigation techniques happens in the corner coffee shop. The undercover police officer sits next to a suspect and starts a simple conversation. Before it is over, the officer knows enough to solve the mystery.
Jesus comes alongside two unsuspecting people. He hides His identity from them. Just by listening and asking a simple question–“What are you discussing together?”–Jesus learns a great deal about their emotions. They were downcast, quietly discussing the news that Jesus’ body was gone from the tomb. Rumors were that He was resurrected. These two didn’t believe the story. They had looked to Jesus to be the Messiah. And now, their hope was gone.

Jesus walks alongside us too. When our hope has died and we don’t know where to turn, Jesus is here. He listens and understands our situation. Talk to Him. He is our Hope.

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