Evangelism and Human Need

June 12th, 2010


Doris and her daughter Sylvia have been serving at the local rescue mission. There they had met Fidel. He had worked at a local restaurant and got a room there. But at age 46, diabetes took its toll, and Fidel’s leg was amputated. Doris wondered if her Sunday School class could join with others to raise the $4,400 to buy a prosthetic leg for Fidel.

The class, long committed to bring people into relationship with Christ and help them grow as His disciples, had just come through their Christmas offering. They gave over $2,600 for others above regular giving. Would they be able to give again?

When Doris and Sylvia told Fidel that on that Sunday, they had raised $674 for his leg, Fidel wept and said “Thank you.”

Paul, on the evangelism path to Spain through Rome, took joy in meeting physical needs with deeds of love. Those on their path took joy in meeting Fidel’s need.

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