Sanctified By The Holy Spirit

June 7th, 2010


Some people laughed when Jeff and Melissa attended a Bible study on Friday nights. They were too young and should be out on the town doing “more fun things.”

However, Melissa says, “I cannot tell you how much ‘fun’ Jeff and I have had. I have learned what it means to be completely sanctified and filled with the Spirit . . . I have learned how my selfish nature controls my life and how to die to self and let the Spirit guide and control me . . . I have been able to completely forgive friends that have hurt me in the past and mend those broken relationships. I have been able to establish a daily practice of spending time in the Word . . . I have seen the Spirit’s guidance in making some important school and career decisions. And I have seen how living in the power of the Spirit can enrich one’s life, . . . because that is what has happened to me.

Jeff and Melissa are “an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.”.

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