His Prayer Saved His Life

May 28th, 2010


As a young, energetic pastor, he took his first assignment seriously. Door to door he talked to people about Christ, prayed with them, helped them in their poverty, and cared for the ill.

Soon, the local crime syndicate discovered customers staying away from the drug dealers and houses of prostitution. So, the “Big Boss,” with his bodyguards, came and took the pastor to kill him. The pastor asked one thing before being shot: He asked they let him pray for them. With permission, he knelt, prayed like he had never prayed before–more a sermon than a prayer. When he opened his eyes, they had disappeared. Later, the “Big Boss” came again, alone. He wanted to know more about this God and His Son about whom the pastor prayed.

Thirty years later, Dinakaran leads a large group of churches in India. For 20 of those years, until his recent death, the “Big Boss” was his best pastor.

Do you have any idea what power exists behind your intercessory prayers?

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