Arrested But Calm

May 24th, 2010


She was at the wheel. She was stopped, arrested, and taken to the Havana, Cuba police headquarters. They accused her of driving without a Cuban license. The penalty, they said, was stiff. Petrified with fear, she remained calm while viewing through an open door to the next room the cruel beating of a man. In spite of the noise, screams, confusion, and long wait, her prayerful heart had already touched the throne of God, and His reassuring reply was, “Do not be afraid.” After five plus hours, with no explanation, she was released.

There are times in life when circumstances place us in very difficult, uncomfortable, and confusing situations. If we have been faithful in our daily communication with God, He will be faithful to bring resolution to our most difficult situations, leaving us amazed, restored, and blessed. God’s faithfulness is quite often revealed through unconventional actions. He will not abandon us.

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