A Good Start

May 6th, 2010


“He is praying.” Saul began his new life on his knees. We walk better if we are on our knees before we get on our feet. We need guidance from the Lord, who said, “I am the way”. That guidance comes as we pray.

Saul prayed for restored sight, and the Lord sent Ananias to deliver His gift of sight. God helps people through people, and sends that help in response to prayer. Prayer is vital to the Christian life at its start and throughout the entire journey. As Andrew Murray observed, there are no graduates from the school of prayer.

Saul saw in his mind what he couldn’t see with his eyes–the answer to his prayer. We pray in faith and visions of future good arrive, in God’s time and way, as present blessings. He is at work before we pray, as we pray, and after we reach “amen.”

Today, praise the Lord who hears and helps us. Thank the Lord for those who hear Him and come to our assistance. Listen to the Lord; He may send you to help someone in need.

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