Called To Wait

May 11th, 2023

Romans 8:18-25

For several years my friend Jane and her husband had tried to adopt a child, yet they had not been successful. However, this changed as they were soon to meet their new daughter. One day I asked Jane how she was dealing with the challenge. “You know, the nursery has been ready for several years,” she told me, “but up till now I kept the door closed. But since Emma will be there soon, well, that door is now open!” 

So what made Jane optimistic this time when she had waited so long? She trusted in the people who were helping her with the adoption process.

It’s the same when we wait, since we must believe the One who is not only with us during the delay, but who knows all about it! For when we trust Him, we’re relying on the omnipotent, omnipresent sovereign Creator of the universe, whose reasons and plans sometimes indeed might incorporate a delay. Since we’re to wait patiently and trust Him, it’s not hard to do since He is in total control. When we’re called to wait, we can wait with the door open.

Author: Anne Adams


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