Checking The Boxes

May 6th, 2023

Luke 11:37-46

Do you know any serious list makers? Lists have their place in our busy society. Whether it’s recorded physically, digitally, or mentally, most people have a series of boxes that need to be checked at any given time.

Checking all the boxes is important. That’s how finish lines are crossed. However, it’s easy to become so consumed in marking things off the list that we forget what’s truly important: loving those around us. Loving others isn’t always on our list. It isn’t a box we can check and be done with it. Loving people and building relationships was so important to Jesus that He made it the second greatest commandment, right behind loving God himself.

God loves people and He wants us to love them, too! He wants us to love them as we check all the boxes. Sometimes, God might even ask us to put those lists aside and love people instead of marking an item to “complete.” Loving others is the most important item on God’s agenda. As Christ followers, it should be the most important item on ours as well.

Author: Andrea Talley

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