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septembre 5th, 2022

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Exodus 3:1-12

Moses, the humble shepherd, finds himself face-to-flame with his Creator on Horeb, the mountain of God. It is here that God chooses to reveal himself in order to call Moses into ministry. This is the ministry of deliverance. It’s a saving work. It’s dirty work. It’s ministry in the trenches. This revelation, this theophany, this calling is a holy and private interaction between God and Moses. Nobody is around. Moses could walk away and no one would know. But here on this mountain, God’s prevenient grace was at work.

Horeb is another name for Mount Sinai. God reveals himself to Moses privately, preparing the way for when God will again reveal himself on this very same mountain. Except the next time won’t be so private.

Pay close attention to the private, intimate, close encounters with God. Perhaps that simple interaction is prevenient grace at work, preparing the way for God to reveal himself to others through you.

Author: Kyle Tyler

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