Perfect Love

March 27th, 2022



1 John 4:10-18

Love without fear seems like a contradiction. Love comes with risk: that someone won’t love us back or we will be taken advantage of loom towards the top of that list.

Love gets twisted so often into something that it’s not. It’s not meant to be manipulative, it’s meant to be given fully. It’s not meant to be sentimentality, but a deep and enduring gift of life to those around us.

1 John tells us that God is love, which means that in order to get the full image of what love is supposed to be, we look to God. We look toward a love that sacrifices, that gives, that is all encompassing, that isn’t abusive or manipulative, but is life-giving. We look to God incarnate in Jesus, and the amazing life of sacrifice, of healing, and hope He extended to all. That type of perfect love, the full love of God, casts out fear.

Perfect love casts out the fear of the other, the fear of rejection, the fear of embracing others fully, because we know that God is in it.

Author: Robbie Cansler

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